Supra soft b-connectedness II: Some types of supra soft b-connectednes

Abd El-Latif, A. M.



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This work is divided into two parts. In this second part, we introduce more properties of the notion of supra soft $b$-connectedness considered in the first part [Abd El-latif, A. M., \emph{ Supra soft $b$-connectedness I: Supra soft $b$-irresoluteness and separateness}, Creat. Math. Inform., {\bf 25} (2016), No. 2, 127–134 ]. Further, we introduce some types of supra soft connectedness in terms of supra $b$-open soft sets namely, supra soft locally $b$-connected, supra soft $b$-hyperconnected and study some of their properties.

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Abd El-Latif, A. M.