In this paper, we study the value distribution and uniqueness of linear q-difference polynomial L_k(f, E_q) and its q-difference operator L_k(f, \Delta), for a transcendental meromorphic function f having zero order. Our results extends, improves and generalizes some of the earlier results due to Thin [Thin, N. V. Uniqueness of meromorphic functions and Q-difference polynomials sharing small functions.  Bull. Iranian Math. Soc. 43 (2017), no.~3, 629–647]; Dyavanal and Desai [Dyavanal, R. S.; Desai, R. V. Uniqueness of q-shift difference polynomials of meromorphic functions sharing a small function.  Math. Bohem. 145 (2020), no.~3, 241–253].





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 Waghamore, Harina P. , Raj, Preetham N.