A 1-fold of G is the graph G' obtained from a graph G by identifying two nonadjacent vertices in G having at least one common neighbor and reducing the resulting multiple edges to simple edges. A sequence of graphs G = G_0, G_1, G_2, \ldots ,G_k, where G_{i+1} is a 1-fold of G_{i} for i=0,1,2,\ldots ,k-1 is called a uniform k-folding if all the graphs in the sequence are singular or all of them are nonsingular. The largest k for which there exists a uniform k– folding of G is called fold thickness of G and it was first introduced in [Campeña, F. J. H.; Gervacio, S. V. On the fold thickness of graphs. Arab, J. Math. (Springer) 9 (2020), no. 2, 345–355]. In this paper, we determine fold thickness of K_n \odot \overline{K_m}, K_n + \overline{K_m}, cone graph and tadpole graph.

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 Sidharthan, Vaishnavi, Thankachan, Reji