Assessing the ecologic-economic efficiency of an investment policy

Gabriela CristescuLiviu Sevastian BociiLaurențiu Jitaru



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We present a manner of assessing the ecologic-economic efficiency of an investment project, which provides the decision maker with an inner characterization of the project, depending only on the results of the project itself. The mathematical model is based on multiple criteria binary programming. The solution of this model leads the decision maker to using an ecologic-economic efficiency index, which arises from finding a Pareto point of the multiple criteria programming problem. The possibility of gambling with the relative importance of criteria provides the decision maker with extended information on the consequences of the investment project on the environment. The stability properties of the multiple criteria decision making technique based on the ecologic-economic ef?ciency index is studied, determining the intervals of stability. Our method is tested on the problem of modernizing the Romanian rail from ecologic point of view.

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Bocii, Liviu, Sevastian, Cristescu, Gabriela, Jitaru, Laurențiu