Blending type approximation by generalized Szász type operators based on Charlier polynomials

Kajla, Arun



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In the present paper, we introduce a generalized Sz\'{a}sz type operators based on \rho(x) where \rho is a continuously differentiable function on [0,\infty),~\rho(0)=0 and \inf \rho^{'}(x)\geq1, x\in[0,\infty). This function not only characterizes the operators but also characterizes the Korovkin set \left\{1,\rho,\rho^2\right\} in a weighted function space. First, we establish approximation in a Lipschitz type space and weighted approximation theorems for these operators. Then we obtain a Voronovskaja type result and the rate of convergence in terms of the weighted modulus of continuity.

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Kajla, Arun