Coefficient bounds for M-fold symmetric analytic bi-Bazilevič functions using by Faber polynomial expansion

Sakar, F. Müge and Güney, H. Őzlem

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A function is said to be bi-univalent in the open unit disc \mathbb{D}, if both the function f and its inverse are univalent in the unit disc. Besides, a function is said to be bi-Bazilevič in \mathbb{D}, if both the function f and its inverse are Bazilevič there. The behaviour of these types of functions are unpredictable and not much is known about their coefficients. In this study, we determined coefficient estimates for the Taylor Maclaurin coefficients of the class on m-fold symmetric bi-Bazilevič functions. We also, use the Faber Polynomial expansions to obtain these coefficient estimates associated with upper bounds.

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   Güney, H. Őzlem, Sakar, F. Müge