Computational approach to Transient solution for single unreliable server Retrial Queue under non-preemptive priority

Damodaran, S., Subramanian, A. Muthu Ganapathi and Sekar, Gopal 

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Single server Retrial Queueing model with system repair and breakdown under non-preemptive priority is considered in this paper. The study of the model so far is mostly explored only for steady state solutions with few exceptions to Transient solutions. Though some researchers have attempted transient solution to the model analytically, the solution thus obtained is more complicated that it cannot be solved. In this context, we have found the transient numerical solution to the model using eigenvalues and eigenvectors. Time dependent system performance measures and probability distributions are evaluated and validated with steady state solutions.


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Damodaran, S., Sekar, Gopal , Subramanian, A. Muthu Ganapathi