An agent based user interface evaluation using aspect oriented programming

Adriana M. TarțaGrigoreta S. MoldovanGabriela Șerban



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Human-computer interaction design has an essential role in the success or failure of a software product. The user interface reflects this aspect of the system. In this paper, we propose a new alternative for evaluating user interfaces using an agent-based approach. The Intelligent Agents domain is an important research and development area in the field of Computer Science and of Artificial Intelligence, particularly [16]. It provides a new mechanism for problem solving and a new user-computer interaction method. In our proposal, based on task models (task trees), agents are used for monitoring and assisting users in interaction with the system. Task models [17] are used in the user centered design context in order to give valuable information about the sequence of actions the user must perform to accomplish his/her goals. In order to separate the agent from the evaluated software system, we use a recently developed programming paradigm, Aspect Oriented Programming [6].

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Moldovan, Grigoreta, Șerban, Gabriela, Tarta, Adriana