Two strategies for solving “pursuit problems”

Vasile Berinde



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This paper is devoted to a class of problem rolled ” chase problems ” because they are stated generally In the folowlnu Corm ( see the textbooks 111 and [2]:” A greyhound follows a fox which has 60 long jumps le advance. While the greyhound Jumps 6 Limon. the fox Jumps 9 Limes but the length of 3 long jumps of the greehound equals the length of 7 long jumps of the fox. can tne greyhound etch up with the fox i [2], – Problem 2., :. We give two different ways for solving such problems. The first method is based on a time – spare dichotomy and permits to generalize this type of problems. By means of problem 3 and its solution we encouruue the reader to propose himself as much problems as he want.rlsally, other two directions in generalizing this. Lypc or prohloon ore given.

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Berinde, Vasile